Young Women Leadership Conference Afghanistan

The aim of YWLC is to inspire, educate and empower young women to build upon their leadership skills to be responsible leaders and raise the future leaders.

Young Women Leadership Conference is a two weeks leadership Program for girls aged 14 to 19. The program is uniquely designed and is one of it’s kind in Afghanistan because in the past 16 years leadership programs were mostly implemented on women in universities. That being said, girls in secondary and high schools were neglected and forgotten. As for our study of the past leadership programs, we came to understand young girl’s crucial development stage is when they are a teenage. Girls at secondary and high schools who are mostly teenagers are at a phase of their maturity when they learn about their potentials for change, their decision making power, and the potential to be leaders for their communities. That is mainly the reason we provide leadership workshops to girls at this age range.

YWLC has leadership lectures conveyed both by national and international speakers who are leaders in their own communities and across the globe. At this program, the young girls are also given tours of governmental and non-governmental organizations. They are assigned with community service programs, action plan development, activities on overcoming ethnic discrimination and other important leadership lessons.

YWLC gives a push to these girls to be more responsible problem solvers through needs assessment and community mapping. This mean that they will be putting the leadership skills they have learned throughout the program into action by making action plans and implementing them in their communities when they are done with the YWLC. Moreover, girls also realize their individual powers for making the change. Not only this, but also they start supporting each other in their action plan development which aims to develop the idea of Collective power, and the support network women should create, rely on each other and take the most usage of this support network for achieving their goals. The positive energy and knowledge gained from this leadership program will help the young women leaders to to be better equipped with leadership skills and support other women leaders in Afghanistan; besides that, through this program we can build a strong network of women to support each other and get to know about the future women leaders.

Our vision is that one day all girls learn to raise their voice for women’s empowerment, be the leaders, be empowered and empower others, be the challenge to fragile systems, policies and priorities that are barrier for girls’ leadership and independence and lead the country, its different institutions and contribute significantly in every aspect of life. Peaceful, progressive and a developed Afghanistan could only be achieved when women are also leading the country.