Dr. Pradeep Ganguly with Business Leaders: Silke Endress Ambassadors Awards

Silke Endress Business Partners at Silke Endress Ambassadors Awards l.-r. Viola Tebah, Tomiko Duggan, Janelle Johnson, and Guest.

Pradeep Ganguly is Executive Vice President at the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation.  He oversees the divisions of business development, small business, international business and workforce services, and manages internal operations.

Dr. Ganguly in his role as award presenter, bought greetings from Jim Coleman President/CEO Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation and provided a business overview of the county’s economic progress, priorities, and broad business opportunities in Prince George’s County and internationally.

Silke Endress International and Universal Peace Federation hosted the Silke Endress 3rd Ambassadors’ Awards Reception in Prince George’s County, Maryland on Friday, August 25, 2017.

The Ambassadors Award ceremony is an annual event that recognizes the outstanding contributions of top diplomats in different countries of the world in fostering global peace and security.

The exclusive event was attended by Ambassadors from Africa and the Caribbean and attracted Prince George’s County expansive multicultural community, women business owners, local and international business leaders and the international media for an evening reception, awards program and power networking.

Silke Endress Leadership Award Recipients included:

  • H.E. Thelma Phillip-Browne, Embassy of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • H.E. Audrey P. Marks, Embassy of Jamaica
  • H.E. Mull Sebujja Katende, Embassy of the Republic of Uganda
  • H.E. Lou-Anne Gilchrist, Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Dickson Ogwang, Chargé d’Affaires Embassy of Republic of Uganda
  • Jeff Gongoer Dowana, Chargé d’Affaires, Embassy of the Republic of Liberia
  • H.E. Michael Moussa-Adamo, Embassy of Republic of Gabon
  • H.E. Martin Andjaba, Embassy of the Republic of Namibia
  • H.E. Eliachim Molapi Sebatane, Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho
  • H.E. Agostinho Tavares da Silva Neto, Embassy of the Republic of Angola

“The celebration of worthy ambassadors was also focused on cultivating relationships that bridge gaps in the areas of empowerment of women; economic development; and expanding international trade opportunities,” said CeCe Cole, President/CEO of Silke Endress.

“Silke Endress has greatly improved the lives of women, families and communities by focusing on women’s empowerment and the dominion of feminism,” said Rushern Baker, County Executive, Prince George’s County.  “Your ongoing commitment to bridging the gap of women socially, culturally, and economically is evidenced by your tireless dedication, leadership and advocacy for women’s independence and success.”

“As President and CEO of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation, I understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining a vibrant global business community,” said Jim Coleman.  “Prince George’s County is extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a business community that has attracted foreign direct investment for many multimillion-dollar projects in Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area.”

Tomiko Duggan, Executive Director of Office of Public Affairs UPF USA-Washington, DC, appointed Silke Endress partners as Ambassadors for Peace.  UPF’s Ambassadors for Peace is organization with one of the largest and most diverse network of peace leaders.