Ambassador Marks hosts Minister of Education, Senator Ruel Reid


Pictured from l. to r. Minister of Education, Senator Ruel Reid; Her Excellency Audrey Marks; and OAS Assistant Secretary General, Nestor Mendez

The Embassy of Jamaica under the headship of Her Excellency Audrey Marks, hosted The Honorable Senator Ruel Reid, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information during the Minister’s tour in the United States. 

Senator Reid, speaking to the diaspora, businesses, agencies, and friends of Jamaica, provided a optimism and confident outlook for Jamaica’s educational system, touting the advancement in integrating STEM methodologies into school curricula and implementing educational policies to advance academies.

In his speech, Senator Reid talked passionately about elevating programs, innovating education and the acquisitions of school buses to develop of a School Bus Transportation System to provide adequate access to all school activities.

The Senator issued a clarion call to all those who love Jamaica, to put their resources together to help provide a quality education for all students to maximize their potential and to get behind the School Bus Transportation project.