Think of Strategies to Conquer Workplace Bullying

Young Woman Thinking — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Sabotage. Jealousy. Hostile work environments. Unfortunately,these are only some of the many reasons why workplace bullying occurs among women. (Star’s Corner). 

“Whether subtle or outright in-your-face, welcome to the “Mean Girl” mentality of some professional women. Yes, it’s a scary place to be, so we won’t stay there long. However, in its most basic form this is the foundation for the cause of adult bullying… the perpetrator’s need to control the  targeted individual(s).”


Bullying is a major issue in the workplace – and it’s not always this blatant!

The difference between “Mean Girl” mentality and the intelligence of a professional woman is that the true professional woman understands she must achieve her business goals and work hard in her career so that, yes, one day, she will obtain all of the success of her boss or co-worker. She knows she must take her competitive “envy” and channel it into positive energy benefiting herself and her team. This is what makes a great leader. This is the meaning of healthy competition. This is the mindset of the professional women of NAPW!

Contrary to how the media portrays women, workplace bullying is gender free. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, bullying crosses the boundaries drawn by gender, race, ethnicity, age and disability. And, 60% of bullies are men. Now if you think that’s bad; this is even worse: women are targeted at a 71% higher rate by women bullies! And, 57% of all bullied targets are women! Are you outraged? I hope you are because I certainly am! Adult bullying is an unproductive travesty of the working world, it is a behavior perpetuated by “Mean Girls” who are incapable of any type of exceptional thought process that benefits anyone but themselves, and simply stated, extremely counterintuitive to everything a professional woman should be.