Spanish Architect Alberto Rubio

This house is pretty unique. The glass, huge spaces, the rocks and the decor create a modern and stylish place. The place is so beautiful that it almost look like a fancy hotel or something, an exquisite place for sure.

Spanish architect Alberto Rubio has created an infamous home along the waters of Mallorca, Spain. Definitively titled “Bird House” this intricately curved white structure envelops the hillside and looks out onto the Spanish waters.


A large portion of this home is an all white interior only utilizing natural stone and wood for a burst of color, and all furnishings are of a natural color and raw texture. Rubio crafted the perfect seaside residence, complete with a sunken living area, floor to ceiling glazing, a large pool with a built awning, and it is of course filled with all kinds of art. Sculpture, paintings and the natural environment are all a part of this beautiful space that showcases Spain’s amazing landscape.

SOURCE:  ContemporaryMallorca