Sexy Bathrooms Marble and Swarovski Crystal

The collection includes two built-in under sinks cabinets made of solid wood and marble tabletops, mirror in wooden frame with gold trim, low tables and other accessories.  You can also choose from a variety of plenty of marble styles, hand-painted cabinets and trim styles.  And if you really want your bathroom to glitter and shine, you can opt for the Swarovski crystal studded metal handles.

LINEATRE was founded in 1983 by Fernando Berti after a long experience of thirty years spent in wood and furniture industry , with the help of experienced local workers. The company was established for the production of bathroom furniture and later on, expanding its range of products, creates complete furnishings for the bathroom.


The production is notable for its classic and original style, quality of the materials, refined workmanship, made with traditional techniques and of considerable value. Thanks to a continuous research of new materials, creation of new models, and techniques of processing more and more refined, LINEATRE could grow and become a leader in the sector of bathroom in terms of originality and creativity and is now an important reference point for the professionals.

LINEATRE, since many years now, has supported the above mentioned production also with the design and manufacturing of Tiled Kitchen to Size, presenting herself basically in the same business field of the bathroom furnishing.

Source: Lineatre