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About Silke Endress:

Silke Endress, Lifestyle of the Lady CEO, International Professional Women’s Magazine captures the true essence of women, and the soul of their success.

Each month we highlight motivating stories in the “Success by Design” that are enriched with true life stories of real women, the secrets of their success, as well as valuable resources to empower women.

Our inclusive philosophy represents our readers’ desire to advance the status of women regardless of geography, income, age, gender, and social element.

Read cover to cover, Silke Endress topics are relevant to the executive woman, women in emerging markets and tailored to meet and exceed the needs, desires, and wants of their lifestyle with emphasis on quality of life, health, art, diversity, financial empowerment, trends, and business globalization.

We focus on the total woman and positive portrayal of their diverse lifestyles and rich culture.