Silke Endress Lifestyle of the Lady CEO, International Professional Women’s Magazine was created by our CEO marketing and communications expert, who spent 11 years as International Liaison for a top tier international market research and became bored with the male dominated industry from the fielders, researchers, technical staff, and senior executives, that she began to open dialogues with the secretaries about their aspirations to pursue advancement opportunities.

A one page newsletter on women empowerment and the beauty of feminism quickly became abuzz internationally.  We quickly realized that women were connecting, sharing and inspiring each other through amazing stories and with that Silke Endress was born.

Our Motto: “Everybody Has A Story…What’s Your Story of Glory”

Silke Endress, Lifestyle of the Lady CEO, International Professional Women’s Magazine captures the true essence of women, and the soul of their success.

We consistently highlight motivating stories in the “Success by Design” that are enriched with true life stories of real women, the secrets of their success, as well as valuable resources to empower women.  “Women’s Rights” features women of courage who are fighting for a true democracy in emerging markets, women who fought for peace, security, and economic sustainability.

Our inclusive philosophy represents our readers’ geography, income, age, gender, and social element.

Silke Endress topics are relevant to the executive woman and tailored to meet and exceed the needs, desires, and wants of their lifestyle. We focus on the total woman and positive portrayal of their diverse lifestyles and rich culture.

We take a holistic approach to expatriate success by appealing to women spiritually with “SoulSpa Inspiration”, we tap into their aspiration with “Lady CEO on the Move”, compliment her fashion sense with “Sophisticated Intentions” and Décor Le Home. Annual Special Features includes 25 Influential Women and 25 Distinguish Men.

Do you have a success story, send it to us at mystory@silkeendress.com.

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